• Inspire your employees with purpose

    Mobile Mentoring Solution for Millennials

  • Engage and retain your employees by investing in their career growth.

    "The #1 employee benefit of choice for millennials is personalized career development."

    - Price Waterhouse Cooper


    of our matched mentors and proteges keep in touch after the initial 3 meetings.


    more employees strongly recommend working at their company after experiencing the Next Play difference.


    saved in hiring costs and lost revenue per entry-mid level employee mentored by someone at their company.

  • Foster a company culture of meaningful mentorship moments.

    Mentor an entire department for the cost of hiring one entry level employee.

    Customizable chatbot

    Personalized User Experience

    Our mobile app personalizes onboarding, reminders, feedback and training.

    Career success through mentorship

    Mentor Matching

    At Scale

    With our customizable software, we power your mentorship program at scale, end to end.

    Measure ROI in real-time



    Track employee progress and increased retention in real-time to see the Next Play difference.

  • Make it effortless and easy for your employees to grow within your company.

    Join the #NextPlay movement with forward thinking companies.

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