Accelerate career growth for your employees at scale

Gift them personalized mentorship and career development tailored to their role and goals.

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The workforce is changing

By 2025, millennials will be 75% of the workforce.


Of millennials are disengaged at their jobs.


Choice of employee benefit is personalized career development..


Reason millennials leave a company is lack of clear growth path internally.


External opportunities are exposed to your employees for every internal job opportunity they know of.

Invest in your
employees upfront.

Cultivate happier employees

Resulting in increased retention & referrals

Get more productive and skilled employees

Increasing productivity & innovation

Gain a hiring perk to attract top talent

Millennials’ #1 choice of employee benefit is career growth.

We increase your employees':


How do we do it?

With our very lightweight, easy-to-deploy mobile app, you can outsource time-consuming work and get rich real-time employee analytics.

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